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The automatic gearbox with oil-bath friction clutch is combined with a torque converter which acts as a clutch. This type of gearbox was developed after the Second World War, and will long remain the only alternative to the mechanical gearbox.

Over time, the clutch discs wear out, generating particles that clog the hydraulic block and cause jerking and slipping when revving up.


BMW’s Steptronic is like any other manumatic gearbox. However, unlike the Tiptronic system, it does not allow you to switch to full manual mode. The on-board computer permanently records the speed, and can in some cases take over control of the transmission. The Steptronic system can be adapted to individual driving styles, rather like the new robotised gearboxes. The system remembers the driver’s driving style and automatically adjusts gear changes according to the driver’s habits.

Réparation boite de vitesse automatique Steptronic - BMW