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Whatever the make: PDK for Porsche, S Tronic for Audi RS, DCT for Mercedes AMG, SMG I or II & DKG for BMW M, F1 or F1 DCT for Ferrari, ZF for Maserati and finally ISR for Lamborghini, their design hardly differs and our teams will always find the technical solution to save you a costly replacement!

These types of gearbox often fail because of a jerk or a safety position, but grunting noises on odd gears are also common.


Like other robotised gearboxes, the S Tronic is a dual-clutch gearbox that has been fitted to Audi models since 2005. It was previously called DSG, as on other cars manufactured by the Volkswagen Group. It combines the advantages of automatic and manual transmissions, ensuring optimum driving comfort and formidable efficiency.

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