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“The cylinder head is the part that closes the top of the cylinders and groups together certain functions of a reciprocating piston engine. “

To ensure that the explosion is ignited in the cylinders, the cylinder heads are the key parts. We need intake and exhaust valves that will open and close millions of times over the life of your engine, so it’s vital to check the condition of these valves during an engine overhaul. Check Engine’s teams are at your service for these operations, which require a high level of expertise and state-of-the-art machinery.

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To give you cylinder heads that look as good as new, Hervé, assisted by his sandblasting cabinet, has chosen glass microbeads. The result is as close as possible to the appearance of a new cylinder head. This process allows us to preserve its most beautiful appearance over time. Obviously, all elements such as gasket seats or other sensitive ducts will be hidden, and the whole thing will then be blown and rinsed several times to ensure that no foreign matter interferes with the smooth running of the engine.

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