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“The cylinder head is the part that closes the top of the cylinders and groups together certain functions of a reciprocating piston engine.”

To ensure that the explosion is ignited in the cylinders, the cylinder heads are the key parts. We need intake and exhaust valves that will open and close millions of times over the life of your engine, so it’s vital to check the condition of these valves during an engine overhaul. Check Engine’s teams are at your service for these operations, which require a high level of expertise and state-of-the-art machinery.

Culasses guides et sieges Matching Number



Once a valve has been in and out of its guide a million times, there’s a good chance that the guide will start to get tired. It’s time to replace the guide, rework the valve and rectify the valve seat to ensure a perfect seal when the valve closes.

This will be the job of Carlos with his Numerical Lathe and the brand new SERDI 3.5 working in tandem with Frank.

Culasses guides et sieges Matching Number Check Engine