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The automatic gearbox with oil-bath friction clutch is combined with a torque converter which acts as a clutch. This type of gearbox was developed after the Second World War, and will long remain the only alternative to the mechanical gearbox.

Over time, the clutch discs wear out, generating particles that clog the hydraulic block and cause jerking and slipping when revving up.

Entretien boîte automatique Tiptronic S Porsche AUDI

Tiptronic S - Porsche / AUDI


The Tiptronic S gearbox is a manumatic gearbox developed by ZF for Porsche (sometimes shared with Audi). Its special feature is that it is an automatic gearbox that can be controlled like a manual gearbox via a gear lever or steering wheel controls, but its internal design remains standard.

We can repair your gearbox, a more economical solution than a standard exchange given the complexity of Tiptronic gearboxes compared with mechanical gearboxes.

Jolt or safety: €2800

Slipping: between €4100 and €5800

Our repairs are guaranteed for 1 year.