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Whatever the brand: PDK for Porsche, S Tronic for Audi RS, DCT for Mercedes AMG, SMG I or II & DKG for BMW M, F1 or F1 DCT for Ferrari, ZF for Maserati and finally ISR for Lamborghini, their design is hardly any different and our teams will always find the technical solution to save you an expensive replacement!

These types of gearbox often fail due to jerking or being put into a safe position, but grunting noises on odd gears are also common.

Boîte robotisée F1 ZF Maserati

F1 / DCT



F1 is the name of the robotised gearbox created by Ferrari, which has now become a dual-clutch robotised gearbox. First introduced in 1997 on the Ferrari F355, it revolutionised the market for automatic gearboxes and sports cars. The new generation, known as ‘DCT’ (for Dual Clutch Transmission), also known as ‘Zero Lift’ because of its extreme speed with no break in torque, gradually replaced the old F1 gearbox from 2009, the old single-clutch version which will be definitively abandoned in 2012.

entretien et reparation boite ferrari