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Check Engine is here to help you find your way around the dozens of sports models that the German manufacturer Audi has offered or is offering since 1911, and more particularly in recent years with the S & RS range, which has expanded considerably.
We also invite you to discover a page in AUDI’s history, as well as its factories around the world.

L'histoire de la marque Audi



On 16 July 1909, August Horch launched his car brand, but his name was already being used by a manufacturer in Germany: the Latin translation of the latter was therefore used as the name: Audi, which means “listen”. Audi Automobilwerke GmbH was thus founded.

Audi was the result of a merger between 4 manufacturers: Audi, DKW, HORCH & WANDERER: in 1932, the 4 rings made their appearance. This merger gave rise to the AUTO UNION AG brand, with Audi spearheading the luxury and top-of-the-range sector.

Ferdinand Kark Piëch, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, who started out at Porsche, was one of the founders of the 911 and its famous flat 6. He pushed for Porsche to enter competition. Family problems led him to leave the Porsche group and join Audi in 1972. He became CEO in 1975 and gave the Audi brand its initial impetus with new engines, new bodywork and, above all, the Quattro transmission. Audi became world rally champion twice, and the brand’s image was transformed into one of sportiness. Audi’s first real sports car was the Audi Quattro coupé (1980). The cars were not always as well finished as their rivals, but the transformation was underway…

The RS version of Audi comes from ‘RennSport’, which means ‘ultra-sporty’ in German. These models are built by Quattro GmbH, the Group’s sports division, in the same way as Mercedes’ AMG and BMW’s Motorsport, which are already well established…

Histoire de la marque Audi