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Check Engine is here to help you find your way through the dozens of sports models that the German manufacturer BMW M GMBH (formerly BMW Motorsport) offers or has offered since 1972.
We also invite you to discover a page in the history of BMW M, as well as its German factories in Munich.

Les usines BMW



Munich / Dingolfing (Germany)

BMW and its Motorsport department share the factories. BMW has 4 factories in Germany, including Munich and Dingolfing, where it will have produced around 1 million models by 2019. Here it produces most of its saloons and coupés, as well as all M models except the SUVs. Of course, BMW is present in every corner of the globe to ensure one of the world’s largest production facilities.


Spartanburg (USA)

Present since 1995, this is the plant where more than 5 million cars have been produced. Dedicated to the SUV range, it has a gigantic production of almost 500,000 models per year, including the M range of SUVs.


Shenyang (China)

Also known as BMW Brilliance, after its partnership with Chinese car giant Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. In 2022, BMW set up shop here to meet the needs of its largest market. Electric and hybrid models are produced here.