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Check Engine is here to help you find your way through the dozens of sports cars that the Italian manufacturer Ferrari has offered or has offered since 1947.
We also invite you to discover a page in Ferrari‘s history, as well as its factories in Maranello.

Histoire de Ferrari par Check Engine



1947-1988 Enzo FERRARI

El Commendatore was first and foremost a racing enthusiast, starting out as a car mechanic and then as a driver with Alfa Romeo, before taking over the Alfa Romeo team as sporting director. Ferrari left Alfa Romeo in 1939 in a bid to regain his independence. He planned to build his own cars in order to develop his own sports team, but the war would force him to be patient.

From 1947 onwards, the company grew and went on to score a string of victories, but despite these successes, Ferrari’s future remained uncertain due to financial difficulties. For this reason, on 18 June 1969, Enzo Ferrari sold a 50% stake in SEFAC to Gianni Agnelli, CEO of the Fiat Group. The agreement also stipulated that on his death, a further 40% would go to Fiat, while the final 10% would go to his son, Piero Lardi Ferrari.

1988- …

When Enzo Ferrari died in 1988, Fiat took control of Ferrari, as stipulated in the agreement signed in 1969.

L'Histoire du constructeur Ferrari