Check Engine


Professionals and private individuals, Check Engine is at your service to assist you with your engine rebuilds, renovations or repairs.
Our team and machines are at your service for all engine grinding operations (lining, surfacing, shaft line grinding, etc.), but before that we can help you with the metrology and inspection of your engine parts.

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While crankshafts are often trapped in a cage called a bearing, they can also simply be clamped between the engine’s 2 half-blocks, in which case these half-blocks are built around the crankshaft line.

Sometimes, the crankshaft may need repairing in the crankpins that receive the connecting rods, but if the crankshaft has damaged the shaft line, the latter will have to be rebuilt. If it’s not the crankshaft, it can also happen with magnesium blocks (Porsche and others…) that the blocks deform, blocking the crankshaft…

In all cases, Check Engine will have the solution to help you repair your engine.

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